Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shantel Tessier's Debut Novel is an Emotional Roller Coaster

Undescribable, the debut novel for Shantel Tessier is exactly that, indescribable.  From the beginning you are pulled into Samantha’s story as you feel her devastation with her relationship with her boyfriend Jax. Then you’re immediately in this love hate relationship with Slade. He is smoking hot but his confidence is not only sexy but his downfall.

I won’t spoil the story as to the why’s and how’s Samantha and Slade came to flourish but I will tell you that it was very intense. We have two characters that are polar opposites. Slade has never worried about a woman’s feelings and has used them for his sexual pleasure and Samantha is kind hearted and loving woman, so tell me how is it their roles reverse?

Slade is completely smitten with Samantha but unfortunately he’s failed a test even though he didn’t know how. Samantha is completely attracted to Slade but there is a black cloud that hangs over her and it she pushes him away. Slade has never worked so hard to impress a woman, which makes the story all the more compelling.

There were times I wanted shake Samantha and yell “HELLO! What are you thinking?!” but I remember how the story began and tried to be empathic of her feelings.  Then I wanted to scream at Slade, “JUST TELL HER!” overall the story is emotional roller-coaster where you will experience love, sadness, confusion, lust, and hope.  A definite page-turner and I recommend it.


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